Tulsa County Transparency Initiative


For several years, Tulsa County, through its elected officials and management, has prioritized transparency in its digital and online material offerings.

In 2008, Tulsa County received a sub-standard grade for online transparency by Sunshine Review, a non-profit group that graded government websites by examining an exhaustive list of criteria including financial reporting, contact information, document availability, agenda postings, approved contracts and many more.

That same year, Tulsa County officials began a project to publish volumes of information on an updated website. By the following year, Tulsa County was the first local government in Oklahoma to receive an A+ by Sunshine Review. Tulsa County received an A+ until Sunshine Review was folded into Ballotpedia in 2013.

In 2017, several Tulsa County elected officials and members of management began a process to revolutionize transparency by partnering with OpenGov, a U.S. company specializing in financial transparency and data sharing. Tulsa County is proud to offer this interactive tool in which citizens, taxpayers, researchers and other interested parties can view the transparency portal and see financial and other information related to the Tulsa County budget and finances in near real-time. This portal will allow individuals to explore this information in various graphical formats selected by the user.

Our users will be able to access budgeted and actual revenues and expenditures with the ability to drill down to very detailed levels. OpenGov also allows users to download data into a spreadsheet form. Watch our video to learn how to use our transparency portal.

In addition to these new online offerings, Tulsa County continues to publish additional information on TulsaCounty.org, including agendas for public meetings, budgets, financial reporting documents, approved contracts and other various documents and information.

Additionally, Tulsa County routinely accepts and fulfills information requests applicable to the Oklahoma Open Records Act. For an online records request form, click here.

View the Tulsa County transparency portal below or navigate to https://tulsacountyok.opengov.com/transparency

Transparency portal navigation tips video

 Tulsa County's Financial Transparency Portal