Recording Notification Service Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: These Frequently Asked Questions were compiled by Tulsa County solely as a public service. Tulsa County does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions and assumes no liability for its use. This information is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice.

What is the Recording Notification Service?
The Recording Notification Service, offered by the Tulsa County Clerk’s Office, is designed to notify a citizen by email when a document is recorded in their name.
Is there a fee to subscribe?
No. The Recording Notification Service is free of charge.
How does the Recording Notification System work?
A login is created through the sign-up page. Citizens will then register their names and parcel numbers to the system and provide an active email address. Those with variations in their name will register each name. Thereafter, if a document is filed in the Tulsa County Clerk’s Office with a name or parcel number that is being monitored, an email will be sent to the provided email address automatically.
My name is very common; will I receive notification alerts intended for someone else?
It is possible to receive alerts for other citizens with the same registered name as you. Double-checking the parcel number on the notification with your parcel number will determine whether the notification is intended for you.
My name is spelled differently on occasion; how would I enter it?
Registering each of your name variations helps to ensure proper notification. To activate the automatic email notification, the spelling on the filed document must exactly match the name(s) registered in the Recording Notification System.
How long will my name or parcel stay on the Recording Notification System list?
Your name(s) will remain on the notification list indefinitely. However, the contents are always able to be edited once you’re logged in.
What documents will I be notified about through the Recording Notification Service?
You will be notified of documents bearing your name(s) or parcel number recorded after registration with the RNS system. To access documents that have been filed prior to registration, use our LOCCAT system online or visit us in the office.
What information is provided in a recording notification alert email?
The email will include the name or parcel number registered in the subscription and a link directing you to the recorded document details page on the Tulsa County Clerk’s website.
If a document is improperly recorded on my property, does the Tulsa County Clerk’s Office take any legal action?
No. The Tulsa County Clerk’s Office is a recording entity only. We are prohibited by law from giving legal advice to citizens.
I received an alert, what does the type of document mean?
The Tulsa County Clerk’s Office acts as a repository and is prohibited from giving legal advice. Consulting a licensed attorney may be in your best interest.
Does this service prevent someone from recording a document on my property?
No. This is a notification service only. The Tulsa County Clerk’s Office is mandated to record any document that meets the requirements established under Oklahoma law.
What should I do if I think I have been subject to fraud?
Tulsa County cannot offer legal advice or opinions. Contacting local law enforcement and consulting a licensed attorney may be in your best interest.
I own multiple homes and/or properties in several different counties; will one subscription entry in one county cover me for all counties?
No. You must subscribe to each county separately if they offer the service.
Does this integrate with any online monitoring services (i.e. LifeLock)?
No. This is a separate notification service.
How do I sign up, modify a subscription, or unsubscribe to this service?
To sign up, modify a subscription, or unsubscribe please visit the Recording Notification Service website.
Will the Recording Notification Service notify me every time a document is filed with my credentials?
No. The Recording Notification Service system is not a foolproof method. You are welcome to search our records or call us if you have questions.